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Rusty Rockit - 94.1 FM, The Rock

This was my third time seeing Core and I like what I’ve seen each time. The band brings a good energy with

melodic/mainstream sounding rock. I know people got into it as I still had people talking to me about Core

the next day so a lasting impact was left there for sure. A lot of bands like Core seem to get better every time

you see them, both their stage presence, working the crowd and just the sound of the live show. I thought

they put on another solid show to get the party started for the headliner! (direct support for Candlebox)

TAXI review for "Eisoptrophobia"

" It's good to hear Hard Rock from South Dakota! The band chemistry and tightness, to the playing, struck me right

away.  There was an immediate punch, to performances...nicely balanced without overpowering the melody...good

contrasts throughout the sections, well-written structure, well developed melody progression, from Verse thru Chorus

build. The first line of lyrics made me want to hear more! There is a nice strong connection between the lyrical

imagery and the emotional release of the vocal performance, which helps to sell the song.

You should service any/all local & regional radio outlets that highlight new rock. I would also think that there are

significant web opportunities to such strong work.

-Nice Job! "

Album review for "We All Fall Down"


CORE is hard to describe, they have a sound much unlike anyone else. It's as if there was a huge rock band orgy with all the

greats of all time and they had a bastard offspring, this would be Core. They come at you with versatilty, not knowing what to

expect next. Infectious sounds come from every song, along with outstanding vocals, I'm really impressed with the songs

'Confession' and 'Calling John Coffey'. Shows great dynamics and thought, impressive band, check em out!